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Knives, Swords, Daggers & More in Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina & Saskatoon

Cutting Edge Cutlery offers one of the largest selections of knives, swords, daggers and edged implements in the area. If it has an edge that can be sharpened, chances are you’ll find it at Cutting Edge Cutlery. Looking for a particular brand or model? If we don’t already have it in stock we can probably order it for you. Please contact us to learn more or visit any of our 4 locations in Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon to see our selection.

Fun & Practical Products
From fun replicas and collectibles to more practical items such as shaving products and edged tools, Cutting Edge Cutlery has the selection you need at prices you can afford. Some of our quality products include:


Cutting Edge Cutlery specializes in offering the highest quality products from all the top manufacturers, including some whose names have achieved legendary status in the industry for performance and longevity. Some of the brands you’ll find at our stores include: