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Cold Steel Drop Forged Bowie Fixed Blade Knife (9.5" Black) CS-36MK

Original price $189.99
Current price $134.99

This addition to our Drop Forged line of knives has total length of 14 inches and features a 9 ½ inch blade, it shares many of the same attributes of the other knives in the series, including the same robust construction, being forged as a single piece of steel, giving it a startling amount of strength. But, unlike the other Drop Forged knives, it has distinctive faux stag slabs incorporated into the handle. The blade is flat ground to a moderately thin edge and is then honed to razor sharpness. The point of the blade is acute enough to offer deep penetration, and the balance point is just in front of the guard making it lively in the hand and only slightly blade heavy. Like the other knives in the Drop Forged Series, it comes with a military grade, Secure-Ex™ sheath that includes a detachable Cordura belt loop.

9.5 oz
Blade Length:
9 1/2in