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European Polypropylene Broad (Short) Sword Trainer

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A broad sword offers the same versatility of a long sword, yet its shorter, broader blade gives it more power and control. This makes the broad sword a perfect primary or secondary weapon, either for sword-and-shield training or dual-weapon combat. The training weapon is made entirely from polypropylene, which is a synthetic black polymer that is extremely durable and hardy. This Synthetic Broad Sword is an all-purpose trainer that is great for practicing a variety of styles of combat, ranging from old Roman techniques to established medieval methods, making it a solid choice if you plan on exploring the world of historic European martial arts.
  • Made Entirely from Polypropylene
  • Modeled After the Traditional Broad Sword
  • Extremely Tough and Durable
  • Grip is usable as either one or two handed

Customer Reviews

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Camil Levasseur
Great sword

I love the gard and the handle.
Its long enough so that it feels and weight like a real sword, but is short enough as to allow for training indoors. The lenght and grip of the handle allow for longsword training too. And its pretty durable as it is cast in one single piece.