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Gloves from Cutting Edge Cutlery

Protect Your Hands and Enhance Your Performance

Cutting Edge Cutlery offers our range of tactical gloves designed to provide superior protection and performance-enhancing abilities. Our gloves are crafted from high-quality materials and incorporate innovative technology to give you a tactical advantage. Whether you’re in law enforcement, military, or outdoor activities, our gloves are made to withstand and protect you in hazardous conditions. Our gloves come in different styles, colors, sizes, and offer functionality including touchscreen-friendly fingertips, knuckle and joint protection, and more. Choose Cutting Edge Cutlery tactical gloves for your next mission or adventure for the ultimate protection and comfort.

Where to Find Gloves 

If you're looking for quality gloves at great prices, look no further than Cutting Edge Cutlery Co. Western Canada's premier destination for all your cutlery needs! We have retail stores in Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg where you can try out our premium brands before making your purchase. Or, if you shop online, we offer free shipping across Canada and the U.S. No matter where you are located, we guarantee fast delivery times, so you won't have to wait long before getting your hands on your new gloves!

What are the most popular brand gloves offered by Cutting Edge Cutlery?

Cutting Edge Cutlery offers a variety of popular brands, including Fisker and Hatch. All these brands feature high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship for optimal comfort and durability.

What kind of gloves does Cutting Edge Cutlery offer?

Cutting Edge Cutlery offers high-quality, durable gloves in a variety of sizes and colors to suit any need.

How do I know the size of glove I need?

The best way to determine the size of glove you need is to measure your hand circumference with a tape measure or ruler. You can also refer to our sizing chart on our website for guidance.

Where are Cutting Edge Cutlery's gloves made?

All of Cutting Edge Cutlery's gloves are proudly made in the USA using only the finest materials and craftsmanship.

Are Cutting Edge Cutlery's gloves machine washable?

Yes! Our gloves are machine washable and we recommend washing them on a gentle cycle with cold water and air-drying them afterwards for maximum durability.