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When it comes to pocket knives, the selection at Cutting Edge Cutlery Co. is as sharp as you can get. Whether you're a collector looking for the perfect addition to your collection, or an amateur looking for an everyday carry, we've got the ideal knife for you. Read more to learn about folding pocket knives, their many uses, popular brands, and where you can find them.

What are Folding Pocket Knives?

A folding pocket knife is a small, usually palm-sized tool with one or more blades that can be folded into the knife's handle. They are incredibly versatile and come in many shapes and sizes, making them ideal for various purposes ranging from camping trips to every day use. The most common type of folding pocket knife features a locking mechanism which allows you to open and close the blade with one hand using the thumb hole, thumb stud, or back flipper.

Popular Brands of Folding Pocket Knives

The most popular brands of folding pocket knives include Benchmade and Kershaw. Benchmade specializes in high-end manual openers made from top-of-the-line materials such as titanium, Damascus steel and S30V stainless steel. Kershaw manufactures a range of budget-friendly folders and some higher-end models constructed from premium materials like carbon fibre, G10 handles and Vanadium blades.

Types of Folding Pocket Knives

Folding pocket knives come in many different styles and designs, such as tactical folders, rescue knives, multi-tools and EDC (everyday carry) knives. Tactical folders are designed primarily with aggressive blade designs and rugged handles to withstand extreme conditions. At the same time, rescue knives feature serrated edges that make cutting through rope or fabric more effortless than ever before. On the other hand, multi-tools combine multiple tools into one convenient package, while EDC knives provide superior value when it comes to convenience without sacrificing performance.

Where To Find Folding Pocket Knives

If you're looking for quality folding pocket knives at great prices, look no further than Cutting Edge Cutlery Co. Western Canada's premier destination for all your cutlery needs! We have retail stores in Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg where you can try out our premium brands before making your purchase. Or, if you shop online, we offer free shipping across Canada and the U.S. No matter where you are located, we guarantee fast delivery times, so you won't have to wait long before getting your hands on your new knife!

How long do folding pocket knives last?

With proper care and maintenance, a good quality knife should be able to last for many years. Make sure to always clean and sharpen the blade regularly to ensure it maintains its sharpness and performance. Additionally, be sure to store your knife in a dry place and never leave it exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture. With proper care, folding pocket knives can last for a lifetime!

Are folding pocket knives safe?

Folding pocket knives are generally considered very safe if used properly and with caution. Always make sure the blade is fully closed before storing or carrying your knife. Additionally, never leave a folding pocket knife where children can reach it and always handle with care when in use. Following these safety guidelines will help ensure the safe use of your folding pocket knife.

How do I sharpen a folding pocket knife?

Sharpening a folding pocket knife is similar to sharpening any other type of blade. You'll need a whetstone or sharpening stone, water, and some oil (if using an oil-based stone). Start by soaking the stone in water.

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