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Cold Steel One Edge Viking Sword Carbon Steel Blade (36") CS-SW-1EDGVK

Original price $519.99
Current price $499.99

While most Viking swords feature a double-edged blade, there are some historical examples of single-edged blades with an
upswept point. Our One Edge Viking Sword is admittedly not a literal copy of any particular historical model rather, it is an assembly of some of the best Viking sword features. The 30-inch blade is nearly 2 inches wide with an extra broad fuller. The blade is wider at the guard and narrows towards its upswept point, and it’s distal tapered for speed, balance, and responsiveness. Plus, it’s a terrific cutting sword with a usefulsharp point.

The hilt is very traditional, with a modest guard and relatively short quillons. The wood grip is covered with brown cord and terminates with a heavy pommel, highlighted by copper trim wire and tapered to enhance balance and make the sword quick
and lively in the hand.

Steel Family:
High Carbon Steels
Blade Length Range:
36 in
Sword Style: