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Multi Tool

10 Unexpected Tools You Didn't Know Your Multitool Had

Multi-tools are a great invention, with their compact size and versatility, they can be used for a variety of tasks, from cutting and sawing to opening cans and bottles. However, did you know that they have even more uses than the ones you might be familiar with? Here are 10 unexpected tools that you didn't know your multitool had.

1. Awl

An awl is a tool that is used for piercing materials, such as leather or wood. Did you know that your multitool has an awl that you can use for various tasks? This tool can be used to create starter holes for screws, to punch holes in fabric, and to make marks in wood or leather.

2. Hook Scraper

A hook scraper is a blade that is curved at one end and is used for scraping hard surfaces, such as paint or glue. Your multitool likely has a hook scraper that you can use for tasks such as removing stickers, scraping gum off a surface, or cleaning up old paint.

3. Wire Cutter

Most multitools have a wire cutter, which can be used for snipping wires of different gauges. This tool can be used for various tasks such as cutting guitar strings, snipping floral wire, or trimming the wire on a picture frame.

4. Bottle Opener

We all know that multitools can open bottles, but did you know that the tool can also be used to open cans? Some multi-tools come with a can opener as one of their features.

5. Nail File

Many multis come with a nail file. This flat, abrasive surface can be used to keep your nails smooth and free of rough edges, as well as to file away at difficult-to-reach areas in your multi-tool.

6. Shears

If you have a multi-tool with scissors, why not use them for all sorts of tasks? These shears can be ideal for snipping off a thread, trimming flowers, or even preparing food. They're quick and easy to use, and a lot more efficient than trying to use a larger pair of scissors.

7. Mini-Screwdriver

An often overlooked tool in your multitool is the mini screwdriver. These tiny sets help you manage everything from eyeglass and electronics repair to installations that require small screws.

8. Metal Saw

Some multitools come with a metal saw or metal file that can be used to file down rough edges, sharpen knives or to adjust screws that have become loose. It’s a handy tool that most people don’t think of when they think of a multi-tool.

9. Pliers

Pliers are an essential tool in any multitool. They can be used for various tasks such as bending wires, reaching into small spaces, squeezing out a stubborn splinter, and even cutting through thicker materials if your multitool has diagonal cutters.

10. Ruler

Some multitools come with a ruler printed on the edge of a blade or on the flat surface of a tool. This ruler can come in handy for tasks such as measuring the dimensions of a room or the size of an object.


In conclusion, multi-tools are much more than just knives and pliers. They come equipped with a variety of other tools that can be used for an array of tasks. From can openers to ruler to metal saws, there are many hidden tools in your multitool, which can make your life easier. Keep your eye open the next time you use your multitool, you might be surprised by what you find.

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