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Wakizashi Polypropylene Sword (Bokken) Trainer

by Generic
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The Japanese samurai were well-known for their sword techniques, many of which included not only a katana, but also a smaller blade, the wakizashi. This Polypropylene Wakizashi Bokken Sword allows for a practitioner to train in such techniques with ease and safety. Traditionally, the wakizashi is used in a method similar to the katana, serving as a shorter blade for use in situations when the katana was otherwise too long or unwieldy to draw. This training tool accurately replicates the traditional shoto, down even to the accurate two shaku 24" length.
  • Made from Polypropylene
  • Modeled After the Japanese Wakizashi
  • A Perfect Training Weapon for Swordsman and Martial Artists
**The picture for this item may not be identical to the actual product received, as slight design changes have been made to the mold for this trainer