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Cold Steel Shamshir Sword w/ Faux Buffalo Horn Handle (30.5") CS-88STS

Original price $399.99
Current price $379.99

The Cold Steel Shamshir's expertly heat treated carbon steel blade has a deep curve and a narrow cross section, combined with a keen edge and a very sharp point. It's complimented by a brass crossbar hilt and a faux buffalo horn handle that terminates in a distinctive bulbous pommel. The pommel is slightly down turned to keep the wielder's grip as secure as possible when making hard cutting strokes. The beautiful hand-made scabbard is made of thick black leather (so it won't dull the blade) and reinforced by a brass throat and chape. The scabbard also comes complete with dual suspension rings for ease of carry or display.

Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Blade Steel:
1055 Carbon
Handle Length/Material:
Overall Length:
Additional Features:
Leather / Wood Scabbard with Brass Fittings.
Blade Length Range:
30+ in
Steel Family:
High Carbon Steels
Sword Style: