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Dragon King Summer Lotus Katana SD35200

Original price $679.99
Current price $649.99

Continuing our themed katana series, our Summer Lotus Katana articulates every aspect of this fruitful season. The tsuba expresses a water garden, lotus flower and tree motif reflected in the snail and frog menuki (handle ornaments), symbols of fertility and good fortune. The blackened tsuba, fuchi, tsuka-ito (handle wrap) and fuchi-kashira contrast the real white same (ray skin) handle, the notched seppa (spacers), silver habaki (blade collar) and the green textured lacquered saya (scabbard). The 5160 forged carbon steel blade features a 1 ½" kissaki (point) and blade geometry conducive to rigorous cutting without chipping on soft and semi-hard targets.

Key Features:

  • 5160 Through-Tempered Forged Carbon Steel Blade
  • Authentic Construction and Details
  • Summer Lotus Water Garden Motif
  • Summer Lotus Katana
    Made In China

    Overall: 41 1/8"
    Blade Length: 28 1/8"
    Handle Length: 11 1/2"
    Weight: 2 lbs 8oz
    Sori: 5/8"
    Blade Steel: 5160
    Hrc Edge: 60
    Hrc Back: 40

    Specs will vary slightly
    from piece to piece.