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Hanwei Lowlander Sword by Paul Chen (48") SH2065

by Hanwei
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Wielded with untamed ferocity on many a Gaelic battlefield, the massive Lowlander sword vividly illustrates the might of the Scots of old. Known as “Slaughter-Swords” in the 16th century, these were the swords of choice for Scottish mercenaries of the period, and at close to six feet long the Lowlander faithfully replicates a surviving museum piece.Though by far the largest sword ever offered by Hanwei, despite its great size, Paul Chen has created a beautifully proportioned and balanced Lowlander sword. The typically Scottish quatrefoils in the ring guards attest to the heritage of this imposing piece. The grips of the Lowlander are leather-covered with an overlaid leather binding. A wall mount is provided to allow the transplanted Gael to display his sword with pride. See model SH2065N for the antique-finished version of this sword.

Key Features:

  • Almost 6' long
  • Fully functional
  • Wall mount included

    Overall: 68 1/2”
    Blade Length: 48”
    Handle Length: 21”
    Weight: 6lb 14oz
    Point of Balance: 9"
    Point of Harmonics: 30"
    Width at Guard: 2.3"
    Width at Tip: 1.19"
    Thickness at Guard: .32"
    Thickness at Tip: .22"
    Blade Steel: 1566

    Specs will vary slightly
    from piece to piece.