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What Are Fixed Blade Knives and How Do They Differ From Other Types of Knives?

What Are Fixed Blade Knives and How Do They Differ From Other Types of Knives?

Fixed blade knives have been around for centuries, long before the invention of folding pocket knives or even the Swiss Army Knife. Although they are less common today than other types, they still remain popular with many people who use them as an essential part of everyday life in activities such as fishing, hunting, and camping. In this article, we'll cover what fixed blade knives are, how they differ from other types of knives, and why you may want to consider adding one to your collection.

What Is a Fixed Blade Knife?

A fixed blade knife is a knife that does not fold or collapse into its handle like most pocket knives do. Instead, the blade is permanently connected to the handle and cannot be retracted. This ensures that it can withstand considerable amounts of force with minimal risk of breakage – unlike folding knives which can become misaligned when used too vigorously. Additionally, fixed blades tend to be much stronger than their foldable counterparts!

Different Types Of Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes – ranging from short utility blades up to large combat-style blades. Here are some common types:

  • Bowie Knife: This type features a long single-edged curved blade that was popularized by 19th century American pioneer Jim Bowie. It was designed for combat but is now widely used for hunting and skinning animals alike.

  • Daggers: Daggers feature two sharp edges which converge towards a point at the tip; they were originally created as weapons but can also be used as tools (i.e., cutting rope).

  • Skinning or Gutting Knife: These types feature short pointed blades (typically 2-4 inches in length) which make them ideal for removing fur/skin from hunted game or gutting fish/marine life; many hunters carry them on their belt as an essential tool while out in nature.  - Karambit: This unique type features a curved “claw” shaped blade which originates from Indonesia; it’s often used as both a weapon and tool due to its ergonomic design and ability to perform precision cuts with ease!

Benefits Of Using A Fixed Blade Knife Over Other Types Of Knives

The biggest advantage of using a fixed blade knife over other types is its strength and durability – simply because the blade isn’t retractable like on folding models so there’s minimal risk of it breaking under pressure! Additionally, since these models typically feature full-tang construction (meaning that the metal extends through the entire spine), they can hold up better against tough usage (e.g., chopping/batonning wood). Finally, some people also prefer them for their convenience – since you don’t need to constantly open/close them (as opposed to folders) when needed!

When Should You Use A Fixed Blade Knife?

Ultimately it depends on your needs! If you’re looking for something small enough to fit onto your keychain but still robust enough to handle tough tasks then perhaps look into buying an ultra-lightweight folding model (such as those made by Spyderco). If you plan on doing heavier tasks like chopping wood or skinning animals then definitely consider investing in a high quality fixed blade! Just remember to always practice safety when handling any type of knife as accidents do happen even under the best supervision (so read up on safety tips beforehand!).


In conclusion, fixed blade knives offer many benefits over other types — especially when it comes to strength and durability — making them an essential tool for many outdoor activities such as hunting or camping. So if you’re looking for something with added versatility make sure you take some time to research different types of fixed blades before purchasing one!

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