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Throwing Knives

Throwing Knives - A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types

Throwing knives are a unique and fun way to practice your aim and get in some great target practice. While it may seem intimidating, throwing knives is actually quite easy to learn and artists of all levels can join in the fun. From the classic three-pronged throwing knife to more modern interpretations such as batarangs, this guide will provide you with an overview of the different types of throwing knives available so you can find one that fits your needs.

Classic Throwing Knife

The classic throwing knife is one of the oldest forms of throwing weapons and has made its way around the world by being used by warriors in various combat styles. It usually consists of a single steel blade with a sharp point at one end and a handle on the other end which makes it easy to grip and throw with accuracy. The classic throwing knife will typically have three blades or points so it can spin evenly when thrown and give you maximum accuracy when aiming for your target.


The Batarang has been gaining popularity among throwers due to its unique design and ease of use. This type of throwing knife is shaped like a bat, hence its name, and it comes with two wings similar to those found on Batman’s famous weapon. These wings make it easier for throwers to grip the knife when spinning towards their targets, helping them achieve better accuracy than with a traditional blade-only design. The curved shape also helps reduce wind resistance so your throws go farther without sacrificing too much speed or power.

Combat Throwing Knife

Combat throwing knives are designed specifically for serious martial arts practitioners who want a reliable weapon that they can use in close-quarter situations. They usually come with thicker blades than standard knives, making them difficult to break if you miss your target or hit something hard like concrete or metal walls. They also have ergonomic handles that make gripping them much easier when executing quick throws under pressure.

Tactical Throwing Knife

Although they look very similar to combat knives, tactical throwing knives differ slightly in terms of construction and performance. tactical knifes generally feature thicker blades than conventional ones which are crafted from higher quality materials like stainless steel or tungsten carbide making them much stronger and durable against harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures or moisture levels in the atmosphere. Additionally, these tactical versions are known for their excellent balance which allows throwers greater control over their throws allowing them to reach longer distances with greater accuracy than traditional styles would allow for.

Double Sided Throwing Knife

Double sided throwing knives offer an increased level of precision thanks to their unique design which features two distinct blades instead of one on both ends meaning they can spin twice as fast during throws giving users better control over their shots while reducing fatigue caused by long hours spent practicing on static targets at home or out in the wilds somewhere else out there! Additionally, because each side contains its own blade this type of knife offers more power when hurled due new momentum gained during flight due additional spin created by air friction while traveling through space! Lastly double sided designs typically feature ergonomic grips designed specifically aiding user comfort even after prolonged use making them well suited for multiple style techniques such as hammer grip releases

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