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Throwing Knives

Popular Brands of Throwing Knives: Quality and Reliability

Throwing knives have become an increasingly popular pastime among knife enthusiasts, with many enthusiasts looking for the right tools to get their practice right. While there are many different brands available in the market, some have become more well-known than others due to their quality designs, reliable materials and precision manufacturing methods. In this blog post, we'll be discussing some of the top brands of throwing knives that knife enthusiasts should keep an eye out for.

Cold Steel

Cold Steel is one of the most renowned names in the throwing knife industry. This brand has been producing a variety of knives since 1980, including several different types of throwing knives designed for accuracy and reliability. All of their models come with thick blades made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring precision at even longer distances and durability through repeated use. Additionally, they feature a range of weights from lightweight USMC models to heavy professional level throws that can penetrate targets even from much further away.

Cold Steel also offers several variations on these basic designs, including thrower sets that include multiple sizes or handles made from various materials such as paracord or rubber grips for added convenience when practicing throws. Their wide selection ensures that any enthusiast will find something to suit their needs regardless of their budget or skill level!

SOG Specialty Knives

SOG Specialty Knives is another major brand in the throwing knife market. The company's throwing knives feature simple yet effective designs; sleek shapes coupled with slim blades that enable easy penetration into targets from long distances. Like Cold Steel's offerings, SOG models are usually made from stainless steel for maximum durability and come in various sizes depending on what type of throwers you're look for (training/tournament). Additionally, they also feature gimping along the spine which provides additional grip when holding onto them during practice sessions ––an important factor to consider if you're looking for knives that won't slip out your hand mid-throw!

United Cutlery

United Cutlery is another major player in the throwing knife arena; offering a wide array of both fixed blade and folding style throws featuring unique designs and materials perfect for any collector or enthusiast alike! They produce intricate pieces carved out with intricate shapes inspired by traditional Japanese tanto knives as well as modern updates such as aircraft grade aluminum frames ensuring heftier builds without sacrificing aerodynamics during mid flight trajectories across open spaces towards distant targets below! Additionally UC's lineup also includes a slew varieties featuring all sorts decorative details including tribal like etching spanning across lengthwise & handles designed specially fit into palms comfortably providing extra padding during use thus facilitating better control & accuracy altogether making them ideal choice novices plus experienced marksmen alike

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