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Wusthof Classic 8" Hollow Ground Butcher Knife 1040107120

by Wusthof

With its bold profile and wide tip, the WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Artisan Butcher's Knife tackles the toughest home-butchering jobs with safety and efficiency. More versatile than your typical butcher's knife, the razor-sharp blade is ideal for all things carving, trimming, skinning, portioning, and slicing — it's also hefty enough to break down large fruit and vegetables. The hollow edge both reduces drag and prevents food from sticking to the blade, while the pronounced "belly" of the blade — the slight curvature in the centre — results in smooth, comfortable slicing. A full bolster provides optimal balance and helps protect your fingers from the blade, while the large, triple-riveted handle allows for a solid grip and superior durability.

Length 4.528 in
Material Resilient synthetic handle, riveted
Method forged
Rockwell hardness 58 HRC
Length 7.874 in
Width 1.85 in
Good For
Fruit, Meat, Vegetables
Type Butcher Knife with Hollow Edge
Series Classic